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What are Aqua Dragons?
- Aqua Dragons are real living creatures! They are a type of shrimp that require salty water (brine) to survive.

- They can grow up to half an inch long, in the wild they can be found in the reddish brown algae in the
salt lakes of Utah.
Aqua Dragon Eggs
- Aqua Dragons are amazing creatures that are very good at surviving in bad conditions. If their environment is
suitable (the right temperature and salt concentration) then female Aqua Dragons will have live babies called
Nauplii. If conditions aren’t quite right then the females will lay eggs that contain baby Aqua Dragons in
suspended animation!

- The eggs are tough and can even survive being dried out but when they are put into brine the salt slowly
breaks down the hard outer shell of the tiny egg and the baby Aqua dragons will hatch within a few hours.  

- What’s even more amazing is that some of the eggs that are laid won’t hatch the first time they’re dried
out – they have to be dried out and re-wet twice before they will hatch. How’s that for survival!

- What that means is that even if all your live Aqua Dragons should sadly die, you only need to leave your
tank in a warm place long enough for it to dry out, then add some more water and you will get a whole
new generation.
A long tailed, hairy headed,
dragon-like creature.
It's an Aqua Dragon!

Fire Breathing Dragons?  No!
-Just like you and me, Aqua Dragons need oxygen to survive.

- Aqua Dragons produce Carbon Dixoide as they swim around in the tank, and this is a problem because it
dissolves in the water and produces Carbonate Acid.  If the water gets too acidic then your Aqua Dragons can
die, but luckily all you need to do to keep them healthy is add some oxygen to the water every few days.
Oxygen - use the pipette to
add more into your tank to
maintain a balanced
What do Aqua Dragons eat?
- Aqua Dragons are filter feeders which means as they swim they are eating organic waste and the green algae
which grows on the tank in sunlight.  They will also eat brewers yeast.

- If the water is cloudy then it may be from overfeeding. The cloud is actually tiny particles of uneaten food
floating in the water.  The food may also start to form a film on the surface of the water, this will prevent oxygen
getting into the water.

- Follow the instructions given and do not overfeed and your pets can live up to two years.